My very first journal post / by Nicola Honey

I used to write so much when I was younger, whether it be in a diary, poems or lyrics, I had stacks of books with writings, scribbles and sketches. 

I have found in recent years I am not so prolific and find writing tricky, I am most definitely more artistic and I would rather pick up a brush than a pen, so honestly for me writing a blog is quite daunting but I would love to share with you what I get up to with my makeup adventures.

I will start with a little bit about myself.  I started working with makeup over 16 years ago, I feel honoured to do a job I love,  the fact that I get to do something different everyday makes it even more interesting, whether it be a different face, venue or look, I love the variety!

I especially love, love, love weddings.  The flowers, the dress, the shoes and of course the hair and makeup.  From the preparation of the trial to the excitement of the day,  weddings are by far my favorite events to take part in.

I have always loved drawing and painting, growing up I was always drawing and used to plaster my bedroom walls with drawings of my favorite bands, so it was a natural progression for me to start 'painting' people.  I love how a little makeup applied correctly can make a world of difference to a person's confidence, it can instantly make a person flourish, it sounds cheesy but the aura of someone who feels beautiful makes me feel so happy and so delighted that I contributed to that person feeling that way. 

I initially took a Performing arts course in 1997 and I did a theatrical makeup class as part of the course, I was not really a fan of the performing arts part of the course but loved doing the makeup class so I then went back to college to learn  about makeup, I did all sorts of makeup from theatrical, photography, fashion and editorial, I also learnt about wig making and hairdressing too.  I then started to work for MAC, I was with the company for over 12 years, I loved it !. I had the opportunity to do so many things including body painting in Europe, London fashion week on many occasions, representing at trade shows, product launches, charity events  and teaching makeup classes.  The training with MAC was constant, we had training every three months to keep us up to date with the cosmetics industry, product knowledge, trends and perfecting my artistry skills.  My time there was so much fun and invaluable.

I then fancied a drastic change and took myself off for a taste of the Far east .....  (to be continued .....)

When I returned to England I continued to build my Freelance business in Birmingham UK.  I am loving every moment of working as a freelance hair and makeup artist, I hope you will join me in my next journal post, that's all for now . 


 xx Honey xx ......Bee lovely.