Griege lip / by Nicola Honey

This has become quite a popular look lately and has graced instagram and makeup blogs more times than I can remember, so what is a Griege lip ?  Greige = grey and beige.  

Time to get technical.. 

In colour theory adding grey to a pure colour is called a TONE . (A tone is produced by the mixture of a colour with grey) 

You will see many 'tone'  colours day to day , as they tend to be more appealing to the eye, these shades are used a lot in home decor as they look more pleasing, subtle and sophisticated. 

For Griege colours take a look at :

MAC Stone lipstick

NYX Black sesame Macaron lipstick

LASplash Ghoulish liquid lipstick

For more tone lipsticks so pinks with grey for example take a look at more mauve/lilac shades, I recommend :

Limecrime Cashmere Velvetines

MAC Frou Glaze Lipstick

MAC Whirl lipstick

Gerard Cosmetics Underground lipstick

Love Honey x